Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Starting Point

This is the article that inspired me to start this blog. Somehow it effected as I realized then what an insidious global force we are dealing with. Before I naively thought occult and satanic symbolism and themes were just an American entertainment problem. No, it's global problem. The global purveyors of pop culture are united in their dark and corrupting messages:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An interpretation of Lee Hyori's Get Ya video

It seems Lee Hyori is  just a puppet as well. Here is an article explaining all the occult symbols in her video Get Ya: … view=print

Kpop Robots Video

Be warned Kpop fans. Your favorite artist may be a robot/slave. 

A Break

taking a break. this work is kind of depressing and disheartening. Most Kpop i've watched now have some kind of occult/mind control/satanic imagery or symbol embedded in them. Is it mere imitation of the west or have top bosses of the entertainment industry who are part of the global government (NWO) forcing all pop culture throughout the world to send the same messages and have the same agenda?


Wow, G-Dragon videos are full of occult imagery: one eye, white mask (symbolizing death), the apple (the devil's temptation), broken glass (broken mind), and transformation from good to evil. its all there in plain sight.

One eye symbolism a trend?

Ok this freaked me out. All the occult gestures are right there:

I hope he realizes soon what's he doing.

I urge you young fans not to copy these gestures just to be cool. Find out what they mean.

Also his wearing a cross has nothing to do with religion or being a christian. In fact, when pop stars wear big crosses like this they are promoting a cult of materialism or even Satan whether they realize it or not. Christianity is  debased and even mocked when used in this setting.

When Lee Hyori wears a big cross in her very erotic performances what message does that send?

My Background

By the way, I am not christian. I have no particular religion other than being against materialism as it will get us nowhere except to misery. Unfortunately for the human race though. materialism is what the global elite (the biggest corporations in entertainment, finance, technology, etc) want. They are creating the problems and misery so they can be the ones to offer the solutions, which will be far worse than the problem.